M y interest in the Early Childhood Education field started when I was a high school student watching a movie in which the first character was a great teacher working in an elementary school. She enjoyed watching children raise, improve, and learn new things while all the students loved her. It was interesting to see how a person can help children to overcome the obstacle and challenges that they face in their lives and teach them new skills.

When my niece was born, it was impressive to see how a child can be such a competent curious and capable. I had a great positive relationship with her whenever I saw her.

I decided to enroll in the Education program at university in 2008 to learn more about the children’s world. As I was enthusiastic and perseverant, I was able to complete my bachelor degree with A+ grades and be accepted for a master in Educational Management program in 2011.

All the courses I took during my education period enhance my knowledge of children and encourage me to become an educator. When I finish my master degree, I started working with children. So far, I had different positions such as educator, educational manager, curriculum coordinator, and consultant.

Studying Early Childhood Education in Canada, allowed me to become familiar with a different education system, and gave me a wider vision. It helped me to update my knowledge which is essential in this field.